Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Creating your online profile

Pictures:  75% in getting the date, so no stupid pictures. Be honest.

Big No’s:
Just woke up
Goofy smiles
Shirt off
At the gym
Whoring at the club
Old photos

Show at least one body picture

If you look like an idiot, women will not want to date you. It blows me away that so many men think they will be special here. Get out of your grandiosity and just do some basic honest pictures. If you are not a supermodel then you will not date a supermodel so quit trying. Seriously! Quit trying. You are wasting everybody’s time.

Name: Keep it simple, so simple it is stupid. If you name is George Michael, make your username G Michael. See how simple that was.

One line: Something catchy but again very simple. So many men blow it right here trying to be overly unique. Catchy does not mean unique. How many times do you see an advertisement and your response is that it was annoying but catchy? Do not try this here. Be that commercial you like.

About me: This is just like the emails you send. Do not write a novel. Nobody wants to hear it. It if it lengthy she see you as a bore before she even reads. Again be simple. Jot down something you like and a little bit of what you are looking for. Do not throw it all down there. Leave some for your date.
My advice is to be yourself, most guys lose it because they try to be something else. Most the time, every time women would have been most attracted to the real you.

Emails: When emailing just be real. Think of it as a business memo at your office. Novels bore and one-word emails are just plain retarded. Honestly men, “hi?” You will want to tell a woman that is the best you have? One word equals pathetic. One sentence is much more preferable if you are going to keep effort uninvolved. If a girl has not responded after 2 max emails than leave her alone. I am shocked at how many stalkers there are out there. Damn you act like some pretty girl is the last girl on the planet. It reeks of desperation.

There is an alarming amount of men out there that are straight up mean and they get very aggressive. My hope is that women will pass your name along. There is no need, nor a desire to talk about sex either. All that shows is that you have a massive porn addiction.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day twenty-nine: Education

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” 
― Maya Angelou

When I was in the sales industry I made it a rule to purchase a book on either sale or motivation once a week. I did so because I took my job seriously. I am confident because I am humble enough to seek help or knowledge everywhere I can get it. I am open-minded and teachable; it is a skill. Showing a financial commitment into your education is a key element in not only showing you are serious, but manifesting it as well.

Continue your education. Go out and buy a book like Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, or get a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. If you are serious at your methods and strategy of approach you'll purchase the materials as such. People who like to golf buy golf magazines. People who love wine buy wine magazines. Invest money into the learning if you really want to be good at it and you have a genuine interest. Any chance you get to chat it up with a woman about her likes and dislikes. Listen when you hear a nearby woman complaining. Always be open-minded to feedback. Any guy who think he knows it all is an idiot. Keep a list of every book that you hear or worth reading on the subject. Although I have always been pretty confident, I attribute that to me having a desire to always be learning. I listen and ask questions with a genuine desire to be good at what I do. I do not keep it a secret.  I am good with woman because I want to be. The minute someone wants to start growing they become complacent. I know what it is like to get lazy. By having an attitude of learning you can move from good to great. Those men that feel they have nothing more to learn from or about woman are those that lean on money and superficial gifts other than themselves to lure in woman. They might be fun for a minute, but when the woman is done with him because she loses interest in his tangibles they will choose a man with intangible every time.

Date twenty-eight:

Prepare in every respect. Get ready for the night of your life. Go to the finest restaurant. Dress in your finest clothes. Pull out everything that you have. The assignment here is to give everything you have and see where it gets you. Consider where you fall short compared to the dream list from the night before. What is the difference and how does it influence what you are trying to accomplish? This night is special because of the assignment only. Take the emotion out of the formula. Disassociate yourself from the thinking. All you are doing is putting on a show. Act as if. Go into this as though you are in the theater and everything around you is a prop. Much of what you do in success is an act.  First impressions are magical in what they allow after and what they discontinue.  Salesmen understand this very well. When you show value you make a sale. When there is no value the customer walks away. The same dynamic is used in grabbing the attention of woman. More often than not salesmen have beautiful woman at their side.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day twenty-seven: The perfect date.

“People will walk in and walk out of your life, but the one whose footstep made a long lasting impression is the one you should never allow to walk out.” 
― Michael Bassey Johnson

The prom is an example of a night that typically goes well. It is a night that is taken seriously and much is invested into it. Even parents pitch in so that their children can go all out.
I met a girl once who tended a bar. She was gorgeous, but I quickly learned she did not date lots of quality. I took her to an amazing restaurant that I knew would impress her. Although superficial it works and she was pulled right in. After all, I took her somewhere nobody else would.

Detail what the perfect date would be. List everything you need. Pretend you have unlimited resources.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day twenty-six: Explain to yourself why you will welcome rejection

Day twenty-six: Explain to yourself why you will welcome rejection. Explain as though to another person why rejection is one of the best tools you have available to you. Tell why you either like or dislike rejection.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day twenty-five: Rejection, a valuable tool

“When you're following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.” 
― Kelly CutroneIf You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You

Leaving the gym once I started to approach a woman who had made eye contact with me several times. As I approached I could tell by the expression on her face that she did not feel confident. She was a sweaty mess, with disheveled hair; tired. I decided not to approach her and simply said hello receiving one in reply. I had the self control to not push it. Later, on a different day while working out, I found myself in a natural conversation with her and it went somewhere. I had put aside my motive to ask for a number and instead thought of her comfort.
I am someone who can brag about my results with women, I am also someone who has been rejected, more than once. However, my rejections are far less in number than the times I was welcomed. Even if you are rejected 9 out of 10 times, that still means that 1 worked out. If you want to be successful with more women than approach more next time.
     Go up to a girl you know will reject you, even a woman who is already taken we never really know why someone rejects us. You cannot let rejection bother you. She may be married or still getting over someone, maybe she does not even like men. Possibly you remind her of her ex-boyfriend, which could have been good for you if timing was different. In my youth, I used to say every woman has, currently does, or will want me someday. If you can effectively handle a challenge then rejection is good. It can hone your skills.

Handling rejection:

  • Reframe the rejection - Assume the reason has nothing to do with you, if they do not know you than is there really rejection? Respect their honesty. Be a man and accept that your presentation was short of what it should have been
  • Plan to be rejected - hope for best expect the worst, have no expectations. If you have no expectations than you will not be disappointed.
  • Deal with rejection - stop thinking and focus on your body, be aware of how you so that you can learn from self. Watch what you say to yourself and be prepared with positive self affirmation. Do not use words like ugly, stupid, shy. Rethink why you are making contact.  Be in control of self and know you were only satisfying your curiosity in the approach.
  • Rejection is good. It is the best way to perfect your game and learn. Anytime you are rejected be grateful for the opportunity to change what got shot down.
  • Welcome rejection.  A woman will find it impressive if you deal with it well. In fact, it might turn them on. If you cannot handle rejection than you are not yet, a man and still a child. If you cannot handle rejection it is a sign to yourself that you are out of your league. If you deal with rejection well than you are in the right league but have to work on some minor adjustments.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day twenty-four: Write down cunning ways to lose her that would bring her to you

Day twenty-four:  Write down cunning ways to lose her that would bring her to you.  Be subtle about it. Some women will just walk away if you let her. Be tactful. Remember, you cannot take away if the is nothing to take away, so you have to have something for her to be interested in.